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[ Fandom's Most Wanted ]

What one fictional character (of any gender) would you most want to spend your Valentine's Day with? Well the votes are in, and one character has risen above the rest!

Drumroll please?


With 14 votes, it seems that Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho is Fandom's Most Wanted character!

Comments from voters:

"I like my short men with sass and a sword"
"I want to break him"
"see precisely how long he can spend in the company of humans before having some sort of episode"
"Hiei-chan!!! Coz' Kurama is in my neighborhood and I wanna take nekkid pictures of them together, mwahahaha!!!"
"Because it would piss him off. And he's so adorable when he's pissed off"

[ 012 Votes ]

Doctor Who // The Doctor (Tenth)
"...he probably knows all these hot alien seduction tips..."
"How is this not awesome"
"so that he won't be alone"
"Brilliance. Wit. Trench coat. That's all I need"
"could take me anywhere in space and time and charm the pants off me afterwards"
"he is crazy crazy love"
"he could take me anywhere I wanted in time and space and we wouldn't know when Valentine's Day ended"
"He has a TARDIS. That Valentine's day could last forever"
"A free trip across time and space, and a guaranteed adventure"
"him on an official Valentine's date thing would be pretty damn funny"

[ 008 Votes ]

Ouran High School Host Club // Suoh Tamaki
"He'd be able to make me feel special"
"I'm sure it's self-explanatory"
"It would be fun"
"Because he's gorgeous, nice, and I love his voice o3o"
Oh come on, he'd treat me like I was the most special person in the world, and it wouldn't feel fake. I <3 you Tamaki!

[ 006 Votes ]

Torchwood/Doctor Who // Captain Jack Harkness
"he is witty, debonair and urbane. He also seems to be the sweetest guy in the world, eager to please and courteous to his partner- a true gentleman"
"he's gorgeous, friendly, sexy, adventurous, and looks like an incredibly good kisser"
"He'd be the kind of person it'd be fun to just spend a day with. I can't think of any other character I'd rather spend my time with than him."

[ 005 Votes ]

Ace Attorney // Phoenix Wright
"hit that with the first of an angry god"
"I'd want to play Poker with him and force him to play Hot Cross Buns on the piano"
"nice, uncomplicated"

[ 004 Votes ]

Fullmetal Alchemist // Edward Elric
"He deserves to have a good day for a change"
"he could remodel my kitchen for free"
"I would rly wanna see him and his hot temper at work"

Naruto // Deidara
"I have a thing for blond-haired psychos"
"Oh god, the things he could do with those hands"

Tales of the Abyss // Guy Cecil
"sweet, charming, and gynophobic. And I'm a sadistic chick"
"he's a gentleman"
"Because I would hit that like a mac truck, even when he's screaming."

[ 003 Votes ]

Ace Attorney // Dick Gumshoe
"I've always wanted someone to give me a heart-shaped weenie box"
"he's absolutely adorable--I love chunky guys"
"Because he's the kind of guy I want to marry. Nice, honest, and occasionally dense"

Bleach // Urahara Kisuke
"we would have all kinds of freaky sex"

Death Note // L Lawliet
"I'd love to talk to him and hear his insights into human psychology in general, his own psychology, and my own psychology. Also because I want to have awkward-but-hot sex with him"

Doctor Who // The Doctor (Ninth)
"I'd love to visit different worlds. And I want to grab his wonderful ears and kiss his face"
"He's gorgeous, witty, and rolls in a friggin' time/space machine"

Final Fantasy VII // Zack Fair
"I thought it'd be hard to pick, but in the end there was really only one character I could go with... He's been my favorite character for a frickin' decade now, after all! His unwavering loyalty was what made me love him in the first place, and Crisis Core cemented the fact that he's a really friendly and sweet guy (someone that a painfully shy person like me could actually relax around). I'd love to go chocobo riding with him, have him teach me how to swing the buster sword around, have fun at the Gold Saucer together and I certainly wouldn't say no to a date there either *nervous laugh*, watch paint dry and grass grow -- that is to say, I'd enjoy just about anything if it was with him. Way to sound like a deranged fangirl, self. orz"
"Dude. It's Zack. Who wouldn't?"

Fullmetal Alchemist // Alphonse Elric
"I would love to meet someone just like him, for any length of time"

Genshiken // Madarame Harunobu
"Ronery nerds sitting around watching anime on Valentine's day banzaaaaiiiii"

House MD // Gregory House
"I just want to stop him hurting"
"He'd provide an interesting day"
"He's so intelligent and witty"

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! // Yamamoto Takeshi
"totally okay with my clinging/hugging on him and being a geek around him. And he'd take me to the arcade to play shooting games and go to the movies where he'll be fine with me talking in the theatre sometimes"
"ultimate boyfriend get"
"He'd be so fun to be around"

Metal Gear Solid // Otacon
"(Because we both love Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake.)"
"The world would implode with the amount of robot fanboying that would happen"
"we could both mutually fail at romance together and then watch some giant robot anime"

Naruto // Haruno Sakura
"that girl is one of my absolute favorute animated characters"

One Piece // Usopp
"He's sooo cute"
"he makes me laugh... he would be romantically sweet"

Pushing Daisies // Ned the Piemaker
"spending a day I hate making pies with a hot guy is a victory"
"I want him to be my Jedi Knight"
"I wanted to be a Jedi, too"

Supernatural // Dean Winchester
"1) Hunting demons, 2) the Impala, 3) Having angry sex in the Impala"

Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann // Kamina
"he's fucking jesus"
"Cause he is over 9000"
"Because he is made of awesome and win. ♥ And the banter...! He cracks me up and I would just be incredibly happy the entire day. :D It would be awesome. 8DDD *dork*"

[ 002 Votes ]

Ace Attorney // Miles Edgeworth
"lately I've been dreaming about him in my female school uniform"

Ace Attorney // Ron DeLite
"If only he wasn't married"
"He is totally adorable"

Avatar: the Last Airbender // Zuko
"it would be hilarious"

Baccano! // Claire Stanfield
"To see how many white suits we can go through in a day"
"I know I'd be safe with him"

Bleach // Grimmjow Jaegerjaques
"we'll go around exploding people"

Bleach // Ishida Uryuu
"...he's a chivalrous dork, and I like that"

Bleach // Kurosaki Ichigo
"I'm a Kenpachiwife but Ichigo is adorkable"
"is the most level headed, and when all is said and done, he would be a great friend"

Code Geass // Kururugi Suzaku
"Even though he's dumb as a rock, he's hot"
"he is the most adorable teenaged boy ever, and he's kinda a squishy romantic sap"

Cowboy Bebop // Spike Spiegel
"I love his approach to things, his fighting technic, attitude, looks, and his intelligence"
"A little bounty-hunting excitement would be fucking great, but hey, I'd even be content just to laze around on the Bebop's couch with him and let him regale me with his own adventures all damn day"

Death Note // Light Yagami
"I want maniacal manipulative sex, followed by my own death in 23 days"
"I'm a sucker for serial killers"

Death Note // Mello
"he's got sexy hips"
"screw that he didn't win"

Death Note // Near
"I wish to play with him"
"I would tap that with the force of a thousand dying suns"

Digimon Adventure // Ishida Yamato
"he made me realize that I wasn't the only loner in the world"

Final Fantasy VII // Cloud Strife
"Cloud needs hugs"
"I love him and all his friends"

Final Fantasy XII // Basch
"There needs to be more older-man, knightly, love"
"I'd like to have a loyal knight for a day"

Gundam 00 // H/Allelujah Haptism
"Two for the price of one, bitches!"
"I could give him tips on how to further mind-fuck Allelujah"

Gundam 00 // Graham Aker
"He can slay a bunch of Gundams in the sky with a single blow, has a totally nonchalant yet awesome personality"

Heroes // Mohinder
"he is adorably trusting, has a sexy accent, and will elephant a bitch if anyone bothers us"
"he's the only one I trust to turn the most ridiculous holiday in the year into an interesting event by explaining the socio-evolutionary aspects of romance"

Heroes // Sylar
"he's sexy, and I like my men dangerous"

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure // Joseph Joestar
"I wanna ride on that motorcycle bb"
"I wish he was my sexy husbando"

Kingdom Hearts // Axel
"mostly for the sex, yeah :x"

Kingdom Hearts // Luxord
"he would be the perfect gentleman with a deliciously nasty kinky streak"
"I want to apologize for killing him in the game. And then he'll read HP 7 to me and it will be really hot. Yummy accent"

Kuroshitsuji // Sebastian
"Who wouldn't want to spend the day with the perfect butler?"

Lucky Star // Konata Izumi
"we'd make an epic RPG party together"
"I'd be able to spend the day geeking around without secluding myself from the real world completely, and she'd take pleasure in teasing a big bumbling idiot like me."

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya // Kyon
"Not overly feminine sexiness AND frequent snarky commentary? Rawr <3"
"No one in anime makes me laugh like he does"

Naruto // Kisame
"he's got that kind of playful psychotic thing going"

Naruto // Rock Lee
"he's a gentleman... he saves small animals from explosive deaths... we'd spend the rest of the day working hard together"

Naruto // Uzumaki Naruto

Negima // Chao Lingshen
"Love her hardcore"
"She's always been my favorite character in the entire world"

Ouran High School Host Club // Hitachiin Kaoru
"He can be so gentle and sweet"

Ouran High School Host Club // Ootori Kyouya
"he's a megane character"

The Phantom of the Opera // The Phantom/Erik
"'cause he's just a big ol' bundle of awesomeness. And he's so lonely..."

Samurai Deeper Kyo // Yukimura Sanada
"He willingly crossdresses and I would have a lot of fun with that"

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei // Nozomu Itoshiki
"I would die with him anytime"
"I love the world that he inhabits for the art style and the colors, for one. I find him attractive enough for another. He is crazy, but we would have interesting conversations about society and the things he "despairs" about. And the people around him are cute too... so it'd just be a fun rather than a sad or a depressing or even romantic day"

Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters // ZEX
"screw species I have much love for ZEX"
"How many wildly perverted alien xenophiles can you say have called you beautiful, luscious, and interesting? OH ZEX, I'D EXPAND MY INTERSPECIES RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOU ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. :D"

Tales of the Abyss // Dist the Reaper
"He needs to know somebody cares"
"It'd be fun"

[ 001 Vote ]

Ace Attorney // Apollo Justice
"he's such a dork and is adorable"

Ace Attorney // Diego Armando

Ace Attorney // Franziska von Karma

Ace Attorney // Godot
"I want to go out on the town with him so he can treat me to some good, hot coffee. And then we can go home and he can treat me to some good hot coffee."

Ace Attorney // Iris

Ace Attorney // Klavier Gavin

Ace Attorney // Larry Butz
"So he can have a nice girl treat him for once"

Ace Attorney // Lisa Basil
"SO HOT. And she could make my bluetooth headset talk to my computer, and then I wouldn't need a new microphone"

Ace Attorney // Manfred von Karma
"Frighten my friends with my horrid taste in older men, then take him home and have my violent way with him"

Ace Attorney // Maya Fey
"cute and would probably be a blast to go out with"

Advance Wars: DoR // Gage
"Just because he doesn't speak much. And he's just manly. And hot. Oh god."

Ah! My Goddess // Urd
"well, it would certenly be a veeeery good valantines day with her. ;). also, she is very sweet under all that :)"

Air Gear // Mikura Kazu
"He needs many many hugs"

Angel // Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
"he's the one most likely to make the filthy, dirty sex with me"

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter // Edward
"He's psycho... and because of the whole 'rip your head off' thing"

Arrested Development // G.O.B.

Arrested Development // Michael Bluth

Avatar: the Last Airbender // Azula
"To ruin together the Valentine's Day of others"

Avatar: the Last Airbender // Toph

Azumanga Daioh // Sakaki
"Not because she's "hot" or anything, but because she seems so uncomfortable being viewed as a sex object, and I'm so uncomfortable viewing anything as a sex object."

Baccano! // Czeslaw Meyer
"So I could throw him into fires, dunk him in acid baths, gouge out his eyes with hot pokers, and have him keep on coming back for more. ♥ Of course I'd rape him gently afterwards."

Baccano! // Firo Prochainezo
"Never has anyone been simultaneously so gar and so sweet"

Back To The Future // Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown
"I have a thing for mad scientists"

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings // Savyna
"she's fucking awesome"

Battlestar Galactica // Lee Adama/Apollo
"Dee and Starbuck don't deserve him"

Battlestar Galactica // Six
"she is such a romantic"

Berserk // Griffith
"There's just something about a man with a dream! And an army"

Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon // Kaioh Michiru
"Because her voice is the sexiest thing ever. And she's hot, too. The sex would be awesome."

Black Jack! // Black Jack
"Because he is awesome and ... well, being on an airplane with him would be both the scariest, boring-est, but enjoyable Valentine's ever XDDD (Plus awesome food? Maybe? WHOO.)"

Bleach // Aaroniero Alluluerie
"I don't even understand why, myself, but hey, at least it would be interesting."

Bleach // Aizen Sousuke
"actually don't really know why, besides the fact that I like him lol"

Bleach // Chad
"totally hot and dresses very snazzy... still waters run deep... an oasis of silence... his actions speak louder than words"

Bleach // Hanatarou Yamada

Bleach // Kira Izuru
"he doesn't have the raw sex-appeal... but he is very sweet and cute and I bet he would be romantic"

Bleach // Kurotsuchi Mayuri
"mad scientists are super-sexy"

Bleach // Nnoitra

Bleach // Ukitake Juushirou
"there is something oddly hot about both tuberculosis and genuinely nice people"

Bleach // Yoruichi

Bleach // Zaraki Kenpachi
"Hell if I know. He's fucking amazing"

The Boondocks // Gin Rummy
"I could rob a bank for shits and giggles"

Buffy the Vampire Slayer // Spike

Buffy the Vampire Slayer // Willow Rosenberg

Buffy the Vampire Slayer // Xander
"He's such a dork that we'd have so much fun"

Cardcaptor Sakura // Li Syaoran

Cavemen // Andy Claybrook
"sweet, adorable, hairy guys with sloping brows are hot"

Claymore // Isley

A Clockwork Orange // Alex DeLarge
"Nothing like a bit of ultraviolence to get one in the mood for lovin'"

Clover // Oruha
"She's super hot and I'd love for her to sing for me all day"

Code Geass // C.C.
"I want to worship her ass and thread my fingers through her beautiful hair and eat pizza with her yesss"

The Colbert Report // Stephen Colbert
"I don't even need a reason"

Courtney Crumrin // Aloysius Crumrin
"he's intelligent, dead sexy, and deep inside I wonder sometimes if he's lonely a little"

Criminal Minds // Emily Prentiss
"Love-less geeks have to stick together"

Crossing Jordan // Jordan Cavanaugh
"she is perfect in pretty much every way imaginable"

D.Gray-man // Cross Marian
"he has sexy red hair and a huge gun named Judgement"

D.Gray-man // Daisya Barry
"he seems like a fun guy to be around"

D.Gray-man // Lavi
"oh, the fun you could have with a boy that frivolous with a magic hammer"

D.Gray-man // Reever Wenhamm
"He's so down to Earth and brilliant. Drives me crazy with gay"

D.Gray-man // Timcampy
"he/she/it is dead hot sexy"

Danny Phantom // Danny Fenton/Phantom

DC Comics // Conner Kent/Superboy/Kon-El
"If the world could have him back for Valentines Day, maybe they'd help him understand he was more than good enough"

DC Comics // Ted Kord (Blue Beetle II)
"brilliant, kind, funny"

DC Comics // Tim Drake
"Because SOMEONE needs to give that boy some love. >:O"

Death Note // Matsuda Touta
"he's gorgeous and just plain awesome and I'd actually enjoy spending 24 hours with him"

Death Note // Matt
"videogame date, it'd be fun and free"

Detective Conan // Hattori Heiji
"I love chocolate, but I'd love to be shown around Tokyo even more"

Detective Conan // Kuroba Kaito

Devil May Cry // Dante

Digimon Data Squad // Thomas H. Norstein
"To try to get him to have a conversation about something non Digimon or job-related"

Discworld // Jonathan Teatime

Disgaea // Etna

DNAngel // Daisuke Niwa
"he's a sentimental sweetheart, has a hot VA, is a redhead...and maybe Dark'll come along for the ride. ^_^"

Doctor Who // The Master (Simm version)
"Who wouldn't want to bow to the Master? And while I was tempted to vote for the Doctor on this one, the Master has a laser screwdriver"

Doctor Who // Mickey Smith

Doctor Who // The Tardis
"Not specifically the Doctor, I just fucking love that blue box"

Dragon Quest IV // Christo
"he is awesome, and a dork, and has the best hat in the world"

The Drew Carey Show // Lewis Kiniski
"Works at a somewhat skeevy drug company and could totally get me some sweet new inventions"

Due South // Benton Fraser
"the date would be great and romantic... even if he'd probably had to go save some orphans, he'd make up to me in the best way possible"

Elite Beat Agents // Agent J
"Dude, how can anyone go wrong with Agent J?"

Enchanted // Giselle
"the people around us would burst into the biggest spontaneous romantic song-and-dance sequence ever"

Enchanted // Nathaniel
"He did whatever he could to make the woman he loved happy. He also later realized his mistakes and sacrificed his live (or lack thereof) for the greater good"

Ergo Proxy // Vincent Law
"most gorgeous green eyes I have ever seen"

Eyeshield 21 // Habashira Rui
"I'd like to sit with him on his motorbike because I want to do all this unrealistic driving on balustrades and hop from one car roof to the next stuff (also: grab his tongue and pull until I see how long it really is)"

Eyeshield 21 // Hiruma Youichi
"Maybe some of his commitment and blackmailing abilities will rub off on me, among other things..."

Eyeshield 21 // Koutarou Sasaki

Fairy Tail // Natsu
"spending the day with a completely mental fire-eating guy and the Fairy Tail guild in general would be hilariously amazing"

Farscape // John Crichton

Farscape // Stark
"when he loves, he loves crazy hard"

The Farseer Trilogy // FitzChivalry Farseer
"I need to tell him that everything will be okay"

Fatal Frame // Mafuyu
"He's cute, a writer, and he's gentle and caring. Nice guy to spend a day with. <3 (this is way too obvious ahh)"

Fate/Stay Night // Archer

Fire Emblem 6 // Karel
"way nicer than his counterpart from Rekka but still hot"

Fire Emblem 7 // Nealuchi
"He probably hasn't gotten any girls wanting to spend a V-day with him in a couple decades"

Fire Emblem 7 // Guy

Firefly // Simon Tam
"he has so much passion and dedication, and he's very pretty when he hurts"

Final Fantasy IX // Zidane Tribal
"He's upbeat, enthusiastic, and kind, and would definitely know of some interesting places to visit and fun things to do"

Final Fantasy VII // Cid Highwind
"I love small-plane flying, and I love cranky people that swear a lot. I think we'd get along 8D"

Final Fantasy VII // Rufus Shinra

Final Fantasy VII // Vincent Valentine

Final Fantasy VIII // Rinoa Heartilly
"I think we'd have amazing conversations and could have a lot of fun at the same time"

Final Fantasy X // Auron
"a sexy lonely man who could definitely use a hug and then some"

Final Fantasy XII // Balthier
"I wanna ride his airship"

FLCL // Mamimi
"If she'd be cool spending it with a girl, there's no one else I'd rather spend it with <3"

Flint the Time Detective // Merlock Holmes
"We could ride his timeboard and have all kinds of fun in the past, or even the future"

Fruits Basket // Honda Tohru
"she's the ultimate dream babe. Cute, perky, sweet, caring, loving, honest, giving, always does the right, it's hard to find any fault with her at all. She's too good to be true"

Fruits Basket // Shigure
"He knows how to have fun"

Fullmetal Alchemist // Alex Louis Armstrong
"He's buff, sweet, rich, and would be a perfect gentleman"

Fullmetal Alchemist // Alfons Heiderich
"How could you not desire to know this person?"

Fullmetal Alchemist // Russell Tringham

Gargoyles // David Xanatos
"To plead my case as strongly as possible for 24 hours to take me as his apprentice in his bids for power, supernatural or otherwise."

Get Backers // Midou Ban
"he's the character I actually 'fell in love with' (in a fangirl/fandom way)"

Gilmore Girls // Rory Gilmore

Gintama // Sakata Gintoki

Golden Sun // Piers

Good Omens // Crowley
"I can ask how events in the bible REALLY went"

Girls with Slingshots // Hazel
"We'd do shots and bitch about our sex lives (namely lack thereof) until we pass out"

Gravitation // Sakuma Ryuichi

Gundam Wing // Duo Maxwell

Gundam Wing // Heero Yuy
"totally enamored with him ever since I first saw him"

Gundam 00 // Lockon Stratos
"he's hot"

GunxSword // Van
"Because he would do stupid stuff and I'd be happy ^^;;"

Harry Potter // Bellatrix
"She'd make such a killer Dom"

Harry Potter // Draco Malfoy
"he's my favorite character fromt he series, he's also a negative bitch... I wouldn't mind hearing his sarcastic comments all day"

Harry Potter // Fred Weasley
"I think Valentine's Day is kinda stupid, but he'd be cool to hang out with 'cause he'd be pranking me and everyone else"

Harry Potter // Neville Longbottom
"he just needs more love"

Harry Potter // Severus Snape
"perfect date for someone who hates all things romantic"

Harry Potter // Sirius Black
"Cause I'm a big lame fangirl. :D"

Hayate no Gotoku! // Hayate Ayasaki
"I really want someone who'd care for me the same way he cares for Nagi. ;_; Plus, he's cute and nice and everything I love <3"

Hellsing // Alucard
"He seems like he would make the ULTIMATE uncle. Seriously, you know, the relative that you do crazy shit with? The one that takes you on a roadtrip across America while robbing banks and getting high? That uncle."

Hellsing // Integra Hellsing
"I just want to drool on her shoes"

Hercules // Hades
"I'd probably be laughing at his snark about the human race until my sides hurt"

Heroes // Adam Monroe
"He's a sexy beast"

Heroes // Micah Sanders
"he's going to need a really big hug"

Heroes // Peter Petrelli

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni // Houjou Satoko
"pretend she is older"

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy // Zaphod Beeblebrox
"The man is completely insane, has an attractive spaceship, and the things you could do with three arms and two heads..."

Homestar Runner // The Cheat
"to see if it would get me a cameo on the site. Also, he's adorable."

Homestar Runner // Strong Bad

Honey & Clover // Takemoto Yuuta
"He's just so nice and I think he would be an awesome person to talk and cuddle with :3"

Horatio Hornblower // Horatio
"he can totally blow anyone's horn like it was nobody's business"

House MD // Amber Volakis
"I think she is rather kickass"

House MD // Wilson
"So I could give him methamphetamines and make him do that funny 'I'm on speeeed!' gesture for me"

Jeeves and Wooster // Bertie Wooster
"He's really sweet, silly, and I feel like I'm the perfect girl for him"

Katamari Damancy // The Prince
"It would be so fun to roll the Katamari as a Valentine's Day date"

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! // Belphegor
"I'd just want to follow him around and see how he spends his day/see how many people he kills in an average day/etc"

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! // Byakuran
"It'd be interesting to see what he'd do during VD. And what kind of flower you'd get"

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! // Dino Cavallone
"cuz he is amazing"

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! // Gokudera Hayato
"He can light my dynamite, if you know what I mean"

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! // Sasagawa Ryohei
"it'd be fucking kick ass"

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! // Superbi Squalo

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! // Xanxus

Kingdom Hearts // King Mickey
"I just think that'd be awesome"

Kingdom Hearts // Roxas
"I connect with this character"

Kingdom Hearts // Xigbar
"started my god damned eyepatch and streaked hair fetishes"

Kino no Tabi // Shizu

The L Word // Shane McCutcheon

La Corda d'Oro // Hihara Kazuki
"he's sweet and believable and would be able to pull the fun out of someone like me"

Legend of Zelda // Link
"I've had a crush on him since I was 8"

Life on Mars // Sam Tyler
"Reason: emo boy"

Loveless // Agatsuma Soubi

Maid Marian and Her Merry Men // Maid Marian
"she and I can be single women together"

Maria-sama ga Miteru // Satou Sei
"I can do better than Shiori"

Mario (Nintendo) // Mr. L

Marvel Universe // Deadpool
"It would be the most entertaining day ever"

The Matrix // Neo
"he's hot as hell and 'the one'"

Meet the Robinsons // Wilbur Robinson

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya // Asakura Ryoko

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya // Suzumiya Haruhi
"if I wanted to, I could make her mad and the world would explode"

Metalocalypse // Skwisgaar
"Because he's just so blond and hot, and that accent! Woo!"

The Mighty Boosh // Howard Moon

Monster // Grimmer

Moonlight // Mick St. John
"He's so fucking sexy with his shirt off"

My-Otome // Chie Hallard
"she's hot and I would like to have sex with her"

Mystery Science Theater 3000 // Joel Robinson
"Cause he's sweet and adorable and silly and funny. :D"

Naruto // Gai
"He's just so much hotter than everything else ever. ♥_♥"

Naruto // Hidan
"Mayhem, widespread destruction, and a pretty face"

Naruto // Kakashi Hatake
"he's made of 100% win and since I'm not big on romance we'd probably spend the day under the shade of a tree reading Icha Icha"

Naruto // Kazuku
"I'd have to be the one paying for everything, but it would so be worth it"

Naruto // Sasori

Naruto // Sasuke
"To see which of us survives zee Day of Pink Hearts"

Naruto // Temari

Oh! Edo Rocket // Ginjirou
"I think I could have intelligent conversations with him on all sorts of topics, including how V-Day sucks. What a guy - understanding, smart, and yet not patronizing. He can go anywhere"

One Piece // Brook
"Who wouldn't want a gentleman skeleton with an afro to fawn over you for Valentine's Day?"

One Piece // Kaku

One Piece // Kuina

One Piece // Luffy
"it would be a PIRATES Valentine's Day, which means adventures and swordfighting and barbrawls and complete and total hilarity"

One Piece // Roronoa Zoro

One Piece // Sanji

One Piece // Vivi

Ouran High School Host Club // Fujioka Haruhi
"She wouldn't be pretentious or annoying about the whole thing - she'd make it fun and enjoyable"

Oz // Ryan O'Reily

Persona 3 // Minato Arisato
"Just to get him out of his pimping and stat-improving routine for one day ♥"

Persona 3 // Mitsuru Kirijo
"Genious-level intelligence, confident and sexy. Feminine without being girlish. Classy. And she makes me seriously wet with her combo-attack. GFDJGLSKFJGLS HIGH BOOTS + FENCING SWORD."

The Phantom of the Opera // Raoul
"We'd have crying parties together~♥"

Pikmin // Captain Olimar
"Let's harvest me up some Pikmins"

Pirates of the Caribbean // Lieutenant Gillette
"pirates may be fine and dandy, but first-name-less Royal Navy of the Caribbean boys need love, too"

Pita-ten // Misha
"She's just so happy and adorable"

Pokemon // Brock
"we could cook the obligatory romantic dinner together"

Pokemon // Palkia
"He's a legendary pokemon... not to mention that he is probably above 4' hung"

Powerpuff Girls Z // Kaoru
"hot loli is hot"

Princess Tutu // Fakir

Princess Tutu // Prince Siegfried/Mytho
"Prince Siegfriend loves everyone... and evil!Mytho is totally smexy"

Psych // Shawn Spencer
"he'd do something spontainious, but also something that you'd like (which he'd know because of his super-powerful observational skills)"

Ranma ½ // Ryoga Hibiki
"The whole 'lonely guy + becoming highly elated at romantic prospects' deal is just terribly cute"

Revolutionary Girl Utena // Ohtori Akio
"Sure he'd be using you the entire time, but you'd go on a fantastic, incredibly classy and romantic date with a guarantee of the best sex ever"

The Road to El Dorado // Miguel
"a fun-filled, action-packed, and just plain unforgettable Valentine's"

Robin Hood // Allan A Dale

Rookies // Aniya
"he's a fucking delinquent and he's awesome and beats people up and then makes an awesome family of base ballers..."

Rurouni Kenshin // Hiko Seijurou
"the first not!real male who made me go through a terrible phase of wanting physical affection"

Samurai Champloo // Jin

Samurai Champloo // Mugen

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei // Kudo Jun
"He could tell me stories all day long; I'll never get tired of hearing his voice"

Scrubs // Dr. Kelso
"that man gave me an old dude fetish"

Shaman King // Yoh Asakura
"it would be so wonderful to just chill out"

Sharpe // Richard Sharpe
"Honest to god, the man is such a slut, I think I'd have the chance to sex him up. XD"

Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga // Heat
"Eating out. In more ways than one"

Silent Hill 2 // James Sunderland

Silent Hill 4 // Walter Sullivan

The Silmarillion // Feanor
"he is THE original mad genius"

Six Feet Under // Ted Fairwell
"Because he's made of magic, even if he did vote for Bush."

Slayers // Xelloss

Smallville // Lex Luthor
"he's rich, evil, sexy, and everything beautiful in the world"

Sonic the Hedgehog // Sonic
"He's so positive, caring, and I'm sure he'd make you feel wanted... I'm not a furry, I swear"

Soul Nomad and the World Eaters // Levin

South Park // Christophe the Mole

South Park // Kyle Broflovski

Space Cases // Radu
"I see in him a kindred spirit... he could use some positive attention... he's just cute"

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy // Sphinx
"Who wouldn't want to have adventures with a hot demi-god in a fantasy-style ancient Egypt?"

Spiral // Kousuke

Stargate Atlantis // Rodney McKay

Stargate SG-1 // Daniel Jackson
"he's an archaeologist, he looks delicious in a tank top, and my favorite of all the voices in my head loves him"

Star Ocean 3: Til the End of Time // Cliff Fittir
"in hope some of his attitude rubbing off on me"

Star Wars // Luke Skywalker
"Because it's Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight! Oh, and the Extended Universe doesn't exist - we'll make our own while he shows me the galaxy."

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic // Canderous Ordo
"nothing says Valentine's Day like cracking skulls and gory war stories"

Strangers in Paradise // Katchoo

Street Fighter // Chun-Li

Subarashiki Kono Sekai // Sho Minamimoto
"he's the first fictional character I've actually been attracted to in a while, plus he shouts like a maniac down a megaphone at people and that's just hilarious AND awesome"

Suikoden V // Georg Prime
"He's a sexy beast, okay"

Tales of Phantasia // Chester Barklight

Tales of Symphonia // Kratos Aurion
"Still a sucker for red hair and red eyes and sexy voice"

Tales of the Abyss // Jade Curtiss
"Current favorite character"

Tales of the Abyss // Luke
"I want to squish hug him all day"

Tales of the Abyss // Van Grants
"I want to touch his beard"

Tales of Symphonia // Lloyd Irving
"I owe the kid so much. Plus he's so cute"

Tekken // Hwoarang

Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann // Adiane
"Because I know she'd beat the crap out of me and just be absolutely smashing in bed."

Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann // Kittan

Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann // Simon

Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann // Viral
"because he'll take me for a ride in his ♥enki♥, and everybody will be jealous~"

Tin Man // Glitch
"adorable headcase? Who could resist?!"

Tokyo Babylon // Hokuto
"it would be nice to not be the one to receives the cute idea, the care, the love, instead of the one who gives it"

Torchwood // Ianto Jones
"he needs a little unconditional and honest love"

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle // Syaoran
"Cloney really needs a hug about now. I want to be that hug"

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle // Kurogane
"he's just a biiiig sweetie"

Twilight // Edward Cullen
"Because he's incredibly yummy. And sexy. and I want him"

Twilight // Jasper Hale
"he can finally make sure I have a happy v day"

Venture Bros. // Brock Samson
"he would unapologetically boink me from midnight to midnight"

Warcraft // Kel'Thuzad
"Evil is sexy; his voice doubly so"

Weiss Kreuz // Brad Crawford
"he's tall, dark, lethal and sexy. (And practical enough to know that it wouldn't be worth his while to murder harmless old me"

Wicked // Elphaba Thropp

Wild Arms 4 // Kresnik Ahtreide
"sweet, serious, and has a motorcyle that drives over water"

X-Files // Alex Krycek
"he's beautiful, mysterious, misunderstood, and I have a thing for bad boys"

X-Files // Dana Scully
"she makes 'smart' sexy"

X-Men // Gambit
"...Who wouldn't want to be called Mon Chéri? Plus he's got that whole reformed bad boy thing going for him"

X/1999 // Kamui
"so that the angst-muffin has a shoulder to cry on"

xxxHOLiC // Watanuki
"nice, kind, attentive, as normal as the protagonist of a supernatural manga gets"

Yakitate Japan // Suwabara Kai

Yami no Matsuei // Kurosaki Hisoka
"even though I love him with Tsuzuki, I think he'd secretly enjoy being treated nicely by someone who wasn't his partner, and we'd be able to snark about how ridiculous the world was in a non-angsty way"

Yami no Matsuei // Kurosaki Nagare

Yami no Matsuei // Tsuzuki
"Because he lives (afterlives?) on sweets and affection, and those things are what V-day is all about. :D"
"I'd like to make him tea and hope it wouldn't get interrupted by tentacles"

Yotsuba&! // Jumbo

Yu-Gi-Oh! // Mutou Yuugi
"We'll go to a rated movie, and we'll both be carded"

Yu Yu Hakusho // Kurama
"I'm obsesses with the fox"

Yu Yu Hakusho // Kuwabara
"I think he would just be a lovely date"

Thanks to everyone who voted, and happy Valentine's Day!!

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