July 9th, 2007

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More mod posts, blarg.

- Photobucket accounts: there's been some concern about people pretending to be others and submitting secrets supposedly about them. After talking about it, we decided that we ARE still going to post image links as-is, but if the LJ user with the same name as the account asks us to take it down, we will. Just as a security thing.

- Please don't use imagesocket or imagevenue to host your images (we always end up having to transload them anyway, as the direct image links don't work). Imageshack and tinypic are preferred, try to use those if possible!

- Reminder:
1. Post the text links to your images, not the images themselves
2. One secret link per comment
3. 800x800 or less

Uhhhhhh stuff. I think that's it.