October 8th, 2007

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A happy little heads up.

For everyone submitting secrets that are all, "YOU ARE A SHIT ROLEPLAYER YOU SUCK GTFO MY GAME WHY DONT THE MODS DO SOMETHING," and you can see exactly who it is, when you see "[ x ] personal attacks"? That will be you.

There are places to say things like this: they are called the mods of your game.

Obviously, this is a big deal to you if you're bothering to make a secret about it, and you obviously want this person to be known since you're leaving their usericon, etc., in the image (enough so that I can tell who it is with a quick search, and I don't even roleplay anywhere): so why not do the smart thing and do something that might fix your problem?

Logic: that will be 99 cents, please drive through.

Thank you!