January 18th, 2008

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First comment, you know what to do :D

Check it out

And remember, the new submissions post goes up tonight at 12:00 am est, and the limit of secrets being accepted in a week is being raised to 700!

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Hey guys,

People have been asking for more secrets per post and asking why the subs post is closed and the subs post is filling up really fast and stuff and -- well ok anyway, we decided to up the secret max to 700 a week (starting with the submission post in an hour, which means you'll get to see them a week from now). Which means a couple of things:

A) potentially 100 secrets a post, yay (!!!111!/???/.../eta: HOLY CRAP -- take your pick)
B) we're limiting the file size to 600x600px from 800x800px to cut down on loading times for people (sorry if your secret is already made and ready or something)
C) ???
D) wank profit fandomsecrets

Anyone have any suggestions or questions or problems or anything before we put this into practice?

Note: these posts begin Saturday the 26th and on -- that is, the secrets submitted next week, not this week!

Note 2: If you can, avoid using imageshack.us to host your files! They tend to run out of bandwidth quickly and then your secret can't be seen. If you need other sites to use, tinypic.com and photobucket.com are two more reliable image hosts.

Note 3: It's not actually the dimensions but the file sizes of the images that matter the most regarding loading time -- we're just using the dimensions as a guideline because it's something everyone understands. If you could try to keep the file size of your image as low as possible (save them as .jpg/.gif, not .bmp/.png for example), that would help us out a ton. For those looking for file converters, haruhiism recs this one here.