April 14th, 2008

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Happy 4,000, fs! How about a meme to celebrate?


► Post a pairing/threesome/platonic group/whatever (anon or not) that you would like to see in a fic/art/whatever. The only rule is, they must be from different canons. A single character in a different universe also counts as a crossover.
► A kind anon-or-otherwise will see your request, be like, "hey, I know both/all three/all five hundred (don't go too crazy) of those fandoms, I think I will write you that Harry Potter/Pikachu genfic set in WWII" and maybe fill it out for you. Or at least do some amazing MS Paint art of bullets flying over Harry and Pikachu in a trench. (Please do this.)
► You go "omg that was awesome! The angst! The drama! The kamikaze pilots!!! Thanks!" And then maybe fill out that "Emerald Weapon/Omega Weapon on a space picnic" request below yours.
► Regarding pairings, anything goes. Want some hot Companion Cube/Batmobile porn? Request it. Someone out there will probably do it. I'm not even kidding.
► Post anon or signed-in. It's a good way to make friends!

Here, fill it out!