October 4th, 2008

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Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


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Lots of people have been bringing this up: what do you think about having the secret makers put the fandom in the image itself, rather than the name-the-fandom thread? Like a note at the bottom of the image (eta: or a note in the comment itself) that says:

fandom: Dr. Who, or fandom: House, or fandom: fanfiction/fanart/rp, or fandom: Pokemon/Twilight Crossover with a Bella the Bellsprout and her sparkly vampire virgin pikachu boyfriend

I'd go into effect starting with the next subs post (so everything submitted this week is fine, don't worry). The first comment would still be there for repeats and stuff like that.


yes, it'd make it easier to figure out wtf everyone's talking about
no, i'm lazy and the name-the-fandom thread works
i lost the game

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