August 20th, 2010

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Oh hey, whichever kind anon renewed this comm's paid account -- thank you very much!!

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>...I am helping promote a fandom-wide auction, help_pakistan, along the lines of help_haiti for the recent flooding tragedy that has affected Pakistan. You've likely come across it in the media but if not, the recent series of floods has displaced over 20 million people, over a quarter of whom have received no aid so far and the international response has been immensely sluggish.
> is for an unbelievably important and urgent cause and I'm sure many people would be interested. The first round of offering and bidding started last night and it will last until next Saturday. All the information regarding the charities and the process is at the community (help_pakistan) and the primary mod (help_pk_mod) can be contacted by PM or email [helppkmod[at]] for any queries.

That got sent my way, so I'm tossing it up here.

Main comm: help_pakistan
Offerings post:
Charity information:
Information about the flood itself:

My thread!:

Spread the word, if you can!