September 23rd, 2010

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As a heads up:

"I just got this message when I went on tinypic from my location in Germany.

Tinypic is no longer accepting uploads from international locations, and links are turned off. If you have content on Tinypic, you can still view the URLs and the content, but only on Tinypic. To upload, share, or link content, please go to to register an account. You will need to upload your content again to your Photobucket account, but you will be able to share and link your images and videos. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and hope that you enjoy Photobucket, our premier image and video site

Upon clicking for more information:

Tinypic International is changing. Beginning September 23rd, you will no longer be able to upload content to Tinypic and your links will be turned off. Please begin using Photobucket to upload, share and link your images and videos."

This is probably the reason so many tinypic secrets are messing up.

Suggestions for other image hosting sites:
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