May 28th, 2012

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[ Officially moving to Dreamwidth! Announcement post. ]

FS is moving!

So, as you may or may not have heard, due to these new comment changes on top of the old ones, FS will be shifting over to DW. I'm hoping to do it starting next Saturday. From then, the main posts will be over at the community on Dreamwidth.

But don't panic yet! It's not all too different.

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If you have more questions about the move, feel free to throw them my way! The decision to move has already been made, but anything other than that, or anything regarding that - ask away. Can't promise I can respond to everything, but I'll be watching this post for sure.

Move Date: Saturday, June 2nd

Hope to see you then!

ETA: One of the first things I do want to do when FS moves over is an FS friending meme - for DW. Even if they don't use DW as a blog, people can re-add their LJ friends/find new interesting people over there!

ETA2: FSDW RSS feed for those who prefer that option!

ETA3: !! Whoever bought FS a paid account on DW, thank you!

Info on: Paid Accounts | Paid Communities

That's pretty awesome. In light of that, I'm opening up membership - members still won't be able to post, but you guys can get the community benefits!

ETA4: Test post, come spam!

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Moving to Dreamwidth on June 2nd. Official announcement here for anyone who missed it!

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